International Women’s Day 2019

Music and Dance

Saturday 9th March 2019

12 - 7pm

John Hansard Gallery, Studio 144


Join talented female artists, most of them local but with an international reputation and flavour…


12-4pm Space to Create! Lantern Making with Shelagh Lee | The Active Space

12-12:30pm Performance by Art Asia’s Bollywood dance group, led by Rakhi Sood | The Foyer

1-3pm Storytelling afternoon with JHG’s storyteller in residence Dr Nazneen Ahmed | The Screening Room

4-7pm Reception with performances by dancer and artist Vidya Thirunarayan and Art Asia’s Singing group, led by Dr Pooja Angra | The Foyer


No need to book, just dropping throughout the day to join in celebrating International Women’s day.

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