Equal Opportunities Policy

Statement of Intent

Art Asia exists to serve the needs of all members of the community. It is committed to the belief that all people are of equal worth. It recognises the benefits of a diverse society and values and celebrates the contributions of all groups it seeks to serve.

1. Membership
Keep its membership open to all persons who support its aims and objectives.
2. Governance
Ensure that election process to the Board of Directors is fair and the Board represents as many groups as possible.
3. Employment, Policies and Practices

Publicly declare itself an equal opportunity employer both in employment policies and practices. This commitment will be fundamental to our recruitment and volunteer policies. As an employer, it will:

(i)Write a job description and person specification for every vacancy that arises and every new post created, these will be checked and agreed by staff and Board for direct and indirect discrimination before the recruitment process begins.
(ii)* Advertise all vacancies internally as well as externally in a manner that ensures equal opportunity for all interested and suitable candidates to apply.
(iii) Ensure that recruitment and selection processes are undertaken in accordance with the Codes of Practice issued under race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and other relevant legislation.
(vi)Ensure that a statement of Art Asia’s commitment to equality of opportunity is included in all job descriptions.

(v)* Ensure that the interview panel does contain not less than three people. Its composition should reflect a balance between age, gender, race and disability where possible.
(vi)Ensure that the Terms and Conditions of Employment are equal for all members of staff.
(vii)Provide staff a safe and secure environment free from abuse/harassment/victimisation from colleagues, members and the Board.
(viii)Investigate complaints of unfair/unlawful treatment expeditiously and effectively providing remedies where appropriate.
(ix)Take disciplinary action including dismissal from employment in case/s of proven unlawful act/s.
(x)* Provide an induction for all new staff, which includes an introduction to Equal Opportunities.
(xi)* Maintain a working environment that ensures individuals are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential both personally and professionally without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

4. Artistic
*As a promoter and developer of high quality South Asian arts, music and dance, Art Asia will publicly declare itself as an organisation whose activities are accessible to all. This will be implemented by:
(i)Ensuring that all services provided are examined by the Board of Directors to ensure that they are accessible to all communities. This will be addressed initially in business planning and monitored in the business plan review.
(ii)Working to encourage and assist disadvantaged groups or individuals to access our services: creating a fair basis from which equality of opportunity can operate.

5. Implementation of policy
* This policy applies to:
(i)All staff employed by Art Asia
(ii)All aspects of promotional and educational functions of Art Asia.

6. Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
* All members of the Personnel sub-committee will be responsible on behalf of the Board of Directors of Art Asia for the overall implementation and monitoring of this policy. All staff have a duty to implement this policy

To ensure that the Equal Opportunities Policy is implemented fully and fairly we have devised a form which will complement all recruitment material sent to potential employees, directors and volunteers.
* The Board of Directors will review the content and effectiveness of the policy every 2 years.
* Supporting Documents

This policy should be read in conjunction with:
(i)Recruitment Policy
(ii)Disability and Access Scheme
(iii)Race Equality Policy
(iv)Violence and Harassment Policy
(v)Employment of Ex Offenders Policy