Schools & Community Workshops

Experience the magic of South Asian arts in your own school or venue: Art Asia’s experienced teachers will deliver lively workshops in music, dance and visual arts to motivate learners of all ages.

We can arrange bespoke learning and themes to suit your needs and go beyond South Asian culture to explore, history, sound, maths, story-telling…


Bharata Natyam Dance (Indian Classical)

Tell a story without words – Bharata Natyam dancing is expressive, vibrant and involves lots of foot-stamping! Students will learn Bharata Natyam hand gestures and some of their Sanskrit names and meanings. Bharata Natyam dancers use an alphabet of hand gestures, similar to sign language. Why not explore language and communication through a Bharata Natyam dance workshop?

Kathak Dance (Indian Classical)

Kathak is a classical dance originating from the North of India.  It involves lots of fast footwork and spins.  The name Kathak is from the Sanskrit word ‘katha’ meaning ‘story’.  Students will learn to tell a story through dance.

“Thank you for providing the young people with such a wonderful experience this week…the energy levels were lovely and I can’t believe how focused the group were at the end of the second day!”

Dhol Drumming

The Dhol drum is synonymous with Bhangra music which is very catchy and full of energy!  The Dhol produces a loud and vibrant sound and is played with sticks called a Dugga and a Thili.  The person who plays a Dhol drum is called a Dholi. Students will learn the history of the drum, how to play Indian rhythms and explore the different sounds that can be made using the Dhol.

Combined Music and Dance

Here, either the one group splits its time between both music and dance, or two groups work separately on each aspect and come together towards the end of the session. The groups can create music specifically for the dance sequences or vice versa or simply experience two different art forms in one workshop.  A great way to develop students understanding of the strong links between these two art forms.


Bollywood Dance

The Bollywood dance style emerged from the Hindi film industry is a fusion of Indian folk and classical dance, as well as Arabic, Western and many other styles. Why not use a Bollywood Dance workshop to explore diversity or modern British Asian culture?

“Thank you very much, it was fantastic! Staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the dance.”

Tabla Drumming

Explore rhythm and counting and learn some fiery finger-work with our expert tabla tutors. Why not use a tabla drumming workshop to explore the science behind sound?

“The work they did with the children was amazing and they all gained a great deal from it.  The energy and enthusiasm shown by the artists was clear to all and the teaching staff felt inspired by their work.”

Indian Classical Music (Lecture/Demonstration)

Learn more about ragas (scales/melodies) and talas (rhythms) with Art Asia’s skilled musicians. Cover the structure and traditions of Indian Classical Music and learn about the importance of improvisation. Students can also explore creative and interactive Asian Fusion music.

Indian Classical Music pivots on the need to show respect to instruments, teachers, other performers and audiences. Why not use a music workshop to explore ‘Rights, Respect and Responsibility’?

Visual Arts

Discover the rich and diverse patterns of South Asia or learn about traditional craft techniques and materials used in the sub-continent.  Workshops can be tailor made to suit your needs.

Learn what a Rangoli pattern is and why it is used.  Use your mathematical and artistic skills to create your own Rangoli pattern.

Ever heard of Mehndi? Or henna?  Discover what the words mean and how you can create patterns that you can wear!