Southampton Mela Festival 2022 PROGRAMME & MAP

Published on: 14 July 2022

Welcome to the Southampton Mela Festival 2022 Programme 


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Southampton Mela Festival Programme 2022



Compares: CoCoP, Anjali Mavi, Adesh Josh

12:00 Harmony Junction — Creative Cross Currents

Southampton Youth Wind Band Southampton Music Hub

12:45 Indian Classical Music 

Pandit Sanju Sahai — Tabla, Debipriya Sircar — Sitar & Vocal Alice Baron — Violin

1:30 Mela Opening

The Sheriff Of Southampton

2:00 Kathak Dance

Rakhi Sood’s TMC Dancers

2:30 Indian Classical Music Pandit Sanju Sahai — Tabla

Jaymini Sahai — Kathak Debipriya Sircar — Sitar & Vocal Alice Baron — Violin

3:15 Bollywood Dance

Rakhi Sood’s TMC Dancers

3:45 Bollywood Songs

Pooja Angra & Karan Rana accompanied by Mike Blatchford — Saxophone and Jero Ferec — Flamenco Guitarist

4:30 Indian Dance Medley Angika

5:00 Rajasthani Folk Music Rajasthani Heritage Brass Band

5:15 Monsoon Rhythms Odissi, Bharatnatyam and Kathak Dance

Ipshita Roy; Abanti Chakrabarti;Sumaya Jamil

5:45 Qawalli music The Hussain Brothers

7:00 Bhangra Artists Navin Kundra,

Happe Singh and Nirmal Sidhu 



Comperes: Anjali Mavi, Frank Mangena 

12:00 Rockband

Sherborne House School

12:45 Indian Dance Medley Angika

1:15 African Dance and Music African Activities

2:00 Bangladeshi Folk Dance Sumaya Jamil

2:30 Chinese Music

Chinese Arts Southampton

3:15 Indian Dance Medley Angika

3:45 African Dance and Music African Activities

4:30 Funky Fitness Frank Mangena

5:00 K.V Dance company 5:15 Bhangra Dance

South Coast Bhangra Group

5:45 Flemenco Music and Dance Jero Ferec Flamenco Company

6:45 Music from Afganisthan Tamim Yousefi 



Comperes: Preeti Nayaar and Ranjan Patel

12:00 Ghanian Xylophone and Junk Percussion Performance 

Ignacio Agrimbau

12:15 Bollywood and Kathak Dance Workshop Rakhi Sood

12:30 Bollywood Dance Performance Art Asia Students

1:00 Indian Songs Performance

Art Asia Students of Pooja Angra

1:30 Flamenco Dance Workshop Jero Ferec Flamenco Company

2:00 Oddissi and Bharata Natyam Classical Dance Workshop

Abanti Chakrabarty, Ipsita Roy

2:15 Bhangra Dance Workshop

South Coast Bhangra Dance Group

2:30 Belly Dancing Performance & Workshop

Mystic Fusion

3:00 South of England Marathi Pariwar

3:30 Bharata Natyam Dance Shree Youth Group Art Asia,

Students of Vidya Thirunarayan

3:45 Madan Vashisht – Bollywood Songs

4:00 Bangali Music and Dance Performance Hampshire Puja and Cultural


4:30 Chinese Music and Dance Performance

Chinese Arts Southampton

5:00 BollyDance Shreya Chugh

5:15 Vedic Society Garba Group

5:30 Chinese dance and Guzheng instrumental performance

Chinese Association of Southampton

5:45 Bollywood Dance – Eastleigh Queens



Compares: Frank Mangena

12:00 Mr FunkyFit Opening Motivation noon

12:20 Zumba with Marta

12:40 Mr FunkyFit Funkyfit Boxing 

1:00 Southampton Bootcamp 

1:20 Zumba with Marta

1:40 Neon Martial Arts

2:00 Southampton Bootcamp 

2:20 Mr FunkyFit Motivation Talk 

2:40 Zumba with Marta

3:00 Neon Martial Arts

3:20 Southampton Bootcamp 

3:40 Mr FunkyFit Funkyfit Boxing

4:00 Zumba with Marta

4:20 Neon Martial Arts

4:40 Southampton Bootcamp 5:00 Mr FunkyFit Closing



12:30 Flow Rap

1:00 Flow Rap

1:30 Flow Rap

2:15 Turban Making 2:45 African Drumming 3:30 Dhol Drumming 4:15 Indian Singing

5:00 African Drumming



Keep an eye out! Alice at Mela presented by AUB

Keep an eye out! MAST Youth Theatre Percy Jackson Flash Mob 

2:00 – 4:00 The Old Thumper Jazz Band

6:00 Chinese Group Tai Chi

2:00 & 5:00 Lives of Clay — Vidya Thirunarayan

All Day Rajastani Heritage Band

All Day Pantheatrix Walkabout Theatre

Keep an eye out! Nutkhut’s Bride and Groom

12:30 – 5:30 Textile printing

12:30 – 5:30 Mask Making

12:30 – 5:30 Rangoli patterns

12 – 5:00 Creative Cross Currents 

12 – 4:00 Weavers and Spinners 

7:15 Pantheatrix Fire Show 

2:15 – 2:35 & 4:30 – 4:50 Storytelling – African Activities


Remember to tag us in all your photos from the day and use #SouthamptonMela when you upload them on social media! Have a fantastic day! 

If you have any questions about the day, read our FAQ’s section HERE 


Our Special thanks goes to…

Our Funders: Arts Council England, Southampton City Council. 

Our Sponsors: Solent University, Arts University Bournemouth. 

Art Asia Board of Directors and Chief Executive Dahlia Jamil. 

Production Team Matt Sanger, Kevin Chambers, Alicia Bermudez Garcia. 

Marketing & PR Laura Mulhern. Education Pooja Angra. Administration Sabia Khandaker.

Art Asia Associates Anjali Mavi and Romana Syed. 

Photography & Filming Bullet Media. Sound Paul Sparrow.