Belonging Project

Belonging - Our interpretation of the Mayflower story. Drawing on aspects of the Mayflower story and reflecting on the core themes of imagination, humanity, freedom and future Belonging, recreates a contemporary artistic version which is a play between the real and imagined, the local and universal, the specific and abstract. It is a story about somebody leaving their home to find a new life in an unseen country, where even the most basic details of ordinary life including language are strange, confronting, or confusing. It is a story of migration, a natural phenomenon – yet viewed by people through different lenses.

Through poetry, storytelling, music, and visual arts  more than 1162 residents of Southampton and beyond participated in the project virtually which culminated in an installation which was displayed in an empty retail space in a busy shopping centre (Westquay Southampton) during December 2020, prior to second covid lockdown!

More than 1500 people participated in contributing and visiting the final installation

Reaching an audience beyond Southampton e.g.  India, Kuwait, London, Plymouth, Wales, Bournemouth, Winchester, Eastleigh, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Senegal!

You can view the workshops and final installation video below:

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